Corinne's Page

Motto: No Matter How Dark the Night may be, the Dawn always comes to Chase Away the Bad Dreams
Colors: Purple & Green
Flower: Forget-me-Not
Symbol: Turtle
Charity: Mini O'berne Crisis Nursery
Song: A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes



Springfield Assembly at Installation
Randi, Kerry, Corinne, Emily S, Emily B, Rachel S, Amanda & Dianne

Corinne and Her Line Officers

Installing Officers
Installing Officer
Installing Marshal
Installing Chaplin
Installing Recorder
Installing Musican


Corinne Being Installed

Corinne being escorted by her dad

Corinne receiving her crown

Taking the Podium

Amanda Being Installed

Dianne being installed as Mother Advisor

Emily B being installed

Emily S being installed

Kerry being installed

Rae being installed

Randi being installed

Corinne giving Emily B her past worthy advisors pin