Getting to Know ...


Now's your chance to get to know a few things about our Rainbow Sister.

Name& station: Corinne - Worthy Associate Advisor

In 5 words describe yourself: outgoing, crazy, hyper, sporty, caring

Favorite Things:

If you were a cartoon Character who would you be: Road-Runner so I could constantly outsmart Coyote

Favorite quote: Never Let the Fear of Striking Out, keep you from playing the game!

Last CD/Song you listened to: When you’re gone by Avril Lavigne

Do you have a nickname(s): Cori, Crayon

If you were stranded on a island, what three items would you have:
Phone, Computer, and Food

Name one thing that people don't know about you:
The fact that I love going camping with my family

Favorite Rainbow Station: Hope

How many new girls have you brought in: about 3

How long have you been in Rainbow: almost 5 years