Grand 2007 Photos


Ashley, Emily B, Audrey, and Kerry

The West

Emily B. - Inviting Marshall

Audry marching with the co-editors

Amanda & Nikki enter with Grand Cross

Amanda - Grand Cross Lunch

Nikki & Ashley - Grand Cross Lunch

Spfld at Grand Cross Lunch

Rachel - Grand Religion

Dianne, Rachel S, Ashley, Rachel, Amanda, Emily B, Kerry, Emily S, and Audrey @ Grand Banquet.

Sue, Rachel, Emily B, Kerry, & Dianne take a break from dinner to smile for the camera.

Amanda, Kerry, Rachel & Audrey get ready for the penny parade.

Putting our pennies in the cube.

Worthy Advisor/Past Worthy Advisor Luncheon

Ashley - Past Grand Faith - Walkabout

Rachel and Amanda - Grand and Past Grand Religion

Emily - Grand Rep of California

Rachel - last day of Grand

Emily after being installed as Grand Musician

Rachel after being installed as Grand Chaplain

Our New Springfield Grandies
Rachel, Emily, Kerry & Amanda