Grand 2007


Easter Party


As Usual we chow down

Its getting dark! Time for the Egg Hunt!
Corinne goes after a treat.

Emily S and Rae head out for the hunt

Rachel uses her flashlight to find her eggs

I wonder whose egg this is?

The girls open their eggs to get their goodies!!


Southern Rite

Amanda G, Rachel S, Emily S, and Corinne
At Southern Rite in Belleville, Illinois

Grand Line Reception


Springfield Girls and Adults at the Grand Line Reception:
Gene Gyure, Corrine, Emily S, Amanda G, Meredith Koerper, Sue Shafer, Vicki Walker, & Dianne Gyure


Christmas Party 06


The girls line up for a smorgasboard of Christmas Eats!

Rachel S, W.A. obviously can't get enough. She has two plates!

Kerry, Emily B, Corrine, Elise, & Rachel share a laugh.

Rachel, Emily B, & Kerry in play a crazy game.

The girls get ready for the gift Exchange!

Corrine and Marie wait for the fun to start!

Emily S & Emily B wait for 'THE' right word to pass their gifts.

Mother Advisor, Ruth, and Elisa wait to get started, while rainbow mom, Vicki waits.

Ruth reads The Night Before Christmas, our traditional gift passing story

Passing to the left?! They must have hear 'a'

Passing to the right?! They must have heard 'the'

Opening and enjoying their new goodies.

Grand Assembly 06

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Installation of Officers 6-21-06


The installing officers are escorted in.

Emily and Ruth Welcome everyone to the installation.

Pam Long presents Rachel S behind the Altar for Installation

Kerry being installed as Worthy Associate Advisor

Emily B. being installed

Corinne being installed.

Elise being installed.

Ashley being installed

Emily S being installed

Rachel S being installed

Janet hands the gavel over to Rachel

The girls sing pass it on before they walk out.

The newly installed members of Springfield Assembly

The line officers show a little leg

They also say don't mess with us!


Meeting on 5-3-06

The Girls trying to decide what to get for the WA/PWA Luncheon Decorations

Amanda, Dianne, & Rachel listen and give ideas.

Heather and Corinne listen to some ideas.

April 5th All Masonic Night

The adults get all dressed up to fill in the bow on Masonic Night

Emily B. as Hope

Everyone performs some floor work.

More Floorwork

Very Nice

Say Cheese.